Badass Welding Tables

Badass Welding Tables

What’s more hardcore than metal and fire? Nothing. Except our badass welding tables. And your epic work needs a badass table.

I mean, really, what sort of projects can you crank out on one of those 40 pound pieces of sh*t from a box store? And we know you’ve probably laid out a project on your mama’s kitchen table at least once. And don’t even mention that excuse of a table you dug out from the corner of your shop. Ballsy places to weld. But badass? No.

Our welding tables are made by hand in the USA with heavy gauges of steel for superior strength and durability. You can weld, cut, grind, pound, or do whatever badass things you do for the rest of your life on this welding table. Our lifetime warranty proves it.

And since we know this isn’t your first rodeo, we can customize a table to your specifications. From specific dimensions to color, your table will fit you and your work flow like a glove.

3x4 Badass Welding Table
3x6 Badass Welding Table
3x8 Badass Welding Table
3x12 Badass Welding Table
4x4 Badass Welding Table
4x8 Badass Welding Table
4x12 Badass Welding Table
5x8 Badass Welding Table

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